Our barn is located right in the middle of the beautiful Red River Gorge, and to honor the beauty that is right in our back yard, we are a sustainable venue.

How we are mindful of our impact on the environment around us:

  • Our florists are farmers to florists.  They grow the majority of their florals limiting the number of stems that must be ordered, and transported to the Barn.  

  • New for 2020, compostable dinnerware can be added to all Classic Wedding Weekend Packages.

  • Any sealed leftover catered food, donated by the couple, will be given to a local soup kitchen to provide meals for our local community 

  • Any florals, donated by the couple, will be given to a local nursing home.

  • Lastly, our venue is creating a relationship with a local high school greenhouse with the hopes of purchasing the common greenery from their FFA Chapter. 


Here at the Barn at the Gorge, we do all that we can to Reduce, Reuse, and Repurpose!