Ruby the Rescue

By Molly King

One of my dream jobs is to be a wedding planner. That was one of the many reasons I started working at The Barn at the Gorge. I could not wait to be a part of each bride’s big day and help make it unique and perfect for every couple that comes through our big wooden doors. Of course I knew I would not be the actual planner from day one. They say you have to start at the bottom and work your way up. Well I may have found something close to the bottom.

Tonight I came in my official Barn at the Gorge uniform ready to work. Earpiece? Check. Snazzy black polo with logo? Check. Practical but dressy shoes? Check. I was ready to roll.  When Jennifer entered “wedding mode” (more on that in another entry) I was first in line to get my job for the evening. Would I be catering to the bride herself? Nope. Or finally driving guests on the golf cart? Nope. Tonight my first job was to walk Ruby. Now this may sound nice if Ruby was like the bride's sweet dear grandmother who needed help to her seat. Nope. Ruby is the Barn’s unofficial mascot- a dog.  So there I stood, ear piece in place, dog leash in hand. Whereas that might surprise some of you but to us barn workers this is just a normal assignment.

I joke about this being the bottom, but it’s really not. Ruby makes everyone’s day a little brighter. She’s as sweet as they come and I’d rather spend some time with her than quite a few people. Now when this leads to cleaning up Ruby’s number two’s…. That will be the bottom job on the wedding biz totem pole.

Ruby’s story

One evening, in late September, Ruby just showed up and greeted Jennifer‘s husband by jumping in his lap. Everyone knows that Jennifer is a dog lover, but her husband Willard, loves them to an extent. Ruby changed all of that, and the next thing Jennifer new was that she had a new dog to love. When Jennifer got her she was in very bad condition. She was significantly under weight, malnourished, full of parasites and she needed to be groomed very badly. Jennifer did what she had to do, and three months later, Ruby had gained 30lbs.

That is pretty common for Jennifer, she has a huge heart for animals and brides. She also has a determination like no other. When something needs fixed or done she won’t quit until it is finished the way it should be. This precious dog is now the mascot for the barn!

Pets in the wedding party

If you're thinking of including your pet in your wedding then you found the perfect place.

The Barn at the Gorge is perfectly pet friendly. If you want your pet in your wedding not a problem, we’ll make it happen! Anything to make the couple happy,but before you consider letting your pet in your wedding you need to know that pets can cause  some issues. But we would be perfectly happy to find a way to incorporate your perfect pooch into your wedding. 

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