Finally J-Lo the Wedding Planner

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

When I was six, I began my dancing career. I very quickly figured out that ballet was not for me and I needed something a little more funky. Hence was born my passion for Jazz and Hip Hop. At age 11, I convinced my mom that it was appropriate for me to stay up and watch “In Living Color.” Not for the sets, but so I could micmic the being Jennifer Lopez. I was hooked! I wanted to be her and I believed that I had so much in common with her (the fact that I danced, and had a larger than average toosh). Then she made it big! In college, I dressed up as her for Halloween (my sister, Liza, still has the faux fur coat) and I constantly bumped her music in my 97, Silver Honda Civic,

Red River Gorge Wedding Barn and Event Venue
The Barn at the Gorge

with 20 inch chrome rims, sunroof, and a six-disc cd changer (located in the trunk, operated by a remote). In 2001, one of my favorite movies was released. “The Wedding Planner.” Not only did it star Jennifer Lopez, but also Matthew “Mchottie” Mchonaughy as well. Her character was amazing! First, she had secret service style radios, and a new and improved supply belt. Secondly, she was professional, charismatic, organized, direct, and focused on what matter most. I wanted to be J-Lo...a dancer, turned music rockstar, turned wedding planner.

Fast-forward 20 years, I am now entering my third year as a venue owner and wedding planner/coordinator @thebarnatthegorge I still dance...ALL the time, attempt to sing, and one day I will get my faux fur coat from back Liza. But for now I am content...because I am “Finally J-Lo the Wedding Planner.“

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